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The beach is where you want it to be. Sure we all can't get to the beach when we want; that doesn't mean we can't make our own "beach within reach". Whether it's your backyard or your apartment complex or the nearest place you can spread out a beach towel. There you are. You're on the beach.


Bimini Ring Toss - Bimini Ring and Hook Game

Beach Bum Headquarters is proud to announce a very affordable gift for any beach bum. It's Bimini Toss. A Bimini Ring Toss game set that can be quickly assembled and ready to play in minutes. All required hardware is included. The ring, the hook, the proper swivels and high visibility string... along with game instructions and scoring rules.

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Bimini ring toss games have been a staple of beach bars and resorts for years. Now you can have your own Bimini Toss set from Instead of searching for how to build your own Bimini ring toss, we've taken out all of the guess work. Now you can make a Bimini toss ring and hook game in one easy step. It's ready to ship and ready to play.

With the Bimini Toss hardware, you have everything you need to make a fun and laid back island game.

Make your own back board for your Bimini ring game. Simply find a suitable board, album cover or whatever else you can find. If using a board, use a 1" x 6" piece of pine or oak, then cut it into a surfboard shape and paint it with your own design. Make it a quick project that your family and friends can enjoy too.

Try Bimini Toss ring and hook bar game today! Here's how to order.

Simply go to the Beach Bum Store by clicking here. While there, take a look at our other games and gift ideas, such as Baggo bean bag toss games, chili pepper lights, can coolers, BBQ grills, Drill Blenders, and more.

We also offer a very cool alternative to the traditional Bimini Ring Toss game. It's called HookZ. A twist on the tradition, but a neat way to score and play. Check out Hookz by click on the link.